Extend your player loyalty brand to any retail outlet

Intuitive User Interface

A fully customizable, intuitive interface makes using our system a snap.  Requires minimal training of retail outlet staff.  User interface is completely branded to your player loyalty system.

You can choose to allow retail outlets to redeem both earned comps and offers, or just earned comps.  Purchases made at retail outlets can be credited to the player’s earned comp accounts.

Auditable and Secure

All transactions processed by our secure terminal are recorded in our system as well as your CMS.  Reports can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel© for quick review and import into any accounts payable systems.

Our system uses 2048 bit encryption between the terminal and cloud based servers as well as PKI authentication of the terminals so that no one can process transactions outside of our secure environment.

Custom Android POS Terminal

Our preferred POS terminal is powered by a Quad Core processor running Android 5.x.  Onboard features include:

  • Wifi, 4G, 3G, 2G, and Bluetooth Connectivity

  • 5.5” capacitive color touch screen

  • MS Card Reader—Track 1/2/3, bi-directional, compliant with ISO7811,7822

  • Smart Card Reader—supports SLE4442/4428, EMV4.3, PBOC3.0, ISO7816 Compliant

  • Contactless Card Reader/NFC

  • Printer—High speed thermal printer

PlayerLink Terminal integrates with the following CMS systems

  • Oasis 360
  • IGT Advantage *
  • Konami Synkros *
  • Scientific Games (Bally) ACSC *